Super Stimpak is a more advanced version of the regular Stimpak. It comes with an additional vial containing more powerful drugs than the basic model and a leather belt to strap the needle to the injured limb.


Steel (2)
Chemist (Rank 2)
Super Stimpak (1)


  • Can be crafted at any chemistry station.
  • Generally sold by doctors.
  • Can be found across the Commonwealth.
  • Curie will occasionally give Super Stimpaks upon initiating dialogue after unlocking her as a companion.


  • Each rank of the Medic perk enhances the efficiency of Auto-Inject Super Stimpak. Rank 1 improves it to 65%, Rank 2 to 70%, Rank 3 to 75% and Rank 4 to 80%. The Medicine bobblehead further increases the Super Stimpaks efficiency by an additionnal 5%.