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Unlike Perk Magazines, Skill Magazines only grant to the player a temporary buff and wear off after one minute (three minutes with Retention). They are technically consumable items and do not remain in the inventory when used.


Image Name Weight Value Effect Base ID
BoxingTimes Boxing Times 0 12 Unarmed attacks do 10% more damage. xx000868
FixinThings Fixin’ Things 0 12 Reduces the consumption of fusion cores by 10%. xx01B444
FututreWeaponsToday Future Weapons Today 0 12 Energy weapons do 10% more damage. xx000878
LaFantoma La Fantoma! 0 12 Sneak attacks do 10% more damage and you are 10% harder to detect. xx000879
LadsLife Lad’s Life 0 12 Reduces damage received from creatures by 10%. xx01A50D
LocksmithReader Locksmith’s Reader 0 12 Allows user to pick upper level locks. xx00087A
MeetingPeople Meeting People 0 12 Increases persuasion chance in dialogue by 10%. xx00087B
MilsurpReview Milsurp Review 0 12 Guns do 10% more damage. xx00087C
ProgrammersDigest Programmer’s Digest 0 12 Allows user to hack upper level terminals. xx00087E
SalesmanWeekly Salesman Weekly 0 12 Buy for 10% lower and sell for 10% higher. xx00087F
ThePatriotsCookbook The Patriot’s Cookbook 0 12 Explosives do 10% more damage. xx00087D
TodaysPhysician Today's Physician 0 12 Reduces limb damage and falling damage by 10%. xx01A506
TruePoliceStories True Police Stories 0 12 Attacks have a 10% chance to do critical damage. xx000881
TaelesOfChivalrie Tæles of Chivalrie 0 12 Melee attacks do 10% more damage. xx000880


Random locations

These magazines can be found inside containers such as safes, trunks, mailboxes and even trashcans if you are lucky enough. You can also find some magazines in some traders inventory.

Fixed locations

Coming soon...

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