General informationEdit

Poisons are consumable items that can be applied to melee and unarmed weapons to detrimentally affect a targeted NPC. They can be crafted at any chemistry station and are also sold by general and chems vendors.


Image Name Weight Value Effect Base ID
BleakVenom Bleak Venom 0.1 30 -15 HP/sec for 10 seconds. xx04558A
BleakVenom Cloud Kiss 0.1 35 -12 HP/sec for 15 seconds. xx04E25C
BleakVenom Dark Datura 0.1 30 -4 HP/sec for 15 seconds. Frenzy for 30 seconds. xx04E245
BleakVenom Mother Darkness 0.1 40 -8 HP/sec for 10 seconds. Paralysis for 10 seconds. xx04E249
BleakVenom Silver Sting 0.1 20 -2 HP/sec for 20 seconds. Reduced damage resistance for 1 minute. xx04E24B
BleakVenom Tremble 0.1 40 -8 HP/sec for 10 seconds. Reduced accuracy and attack damage for 1 minute. xx04E24E
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