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  • DLC Leveled List Integration is integrated to Wasteland Imports.
  • You have now a 10% chance to find an Ice Cold drink inside a Prewar Ice Cooler.
  • All chems now have a base maximum duration of 5 minutes.
  • All cooked food now have a maximum duration of 8 to 12 minutes.


  • Renamed some of the ammo types to match their FNV counterpart.
  • Ammo boxes has been retextured to look like their FNV counterpart.
  • Reworked shape and textures of the bottlecaps.
  • Added a new category for the original Nuka-Cola recipes to the Soda-Mixer Station.
  • Vims are now craftable at any Soda-Mixer Station (instead of the Cooking Station).
  • Radscorpion Stinger now has a new model (similar to FO3/FNV).
  • Orange, Quantum, Quartz and Victory Soda-Mixer stations are now unlocked after you completed "Taken For A Ride" quest.
  • Reorganized Syringes, Nuka-Nuke, Modified Bowling, Weaponized Nuka-Cola and Acid Concentrate into Ammo category.
  • Syringe recipes now gives you 5 Syringes.
  • Weaponized Nuka-Cola recipes now gives you 5 Ammo.
  • Acid Concentrate recipes now gives you 20 Ammo.
  • Super Mutant Suicider now use an actual Mini Nuke instead of the Liberty Prime’s Mark 28 warheads.

Chems & MedsEdit


  • Reduced the chance to find Addictol in the vendor inventory.


  • Bloodpack, Irradiated Bloodpack and Glowing Bloodpack are now influenced by the Cannibal Perk.
  • Bloodpack and Irradiated Bloodpack now restore 25 HP.
  • Glowing Bloodpack now gives +50 Rad Resistance.


  • Jet effect duration has been reduced to 5 seconds.


  • MedX no longer protects against poison.
  • MedX now cost 40 Caps.


  • Berry Mentats, Grape Mentats and Orange Mentats now have a custom texture to differentiate them from the regular Mentats.
  • Reduced chance of addiction to 5%.


  • Psycho no longer protects against damage.
  • Psycho now cost 30 Caps.
  • Psycho recipe changed to 1 Acid, 1 Plastic, 2 Steel and 2 Hubflowers.


  • RadAway now cost 40 caps.

Skeeto SpitEdit

  • Skeeto Spit recipe changed to 1 Plastic, 1 Blood Sac and 1 Bloodleaf. Chemist Rank 1.

Stealth BoyEdit

  • Stealth Boy now has a duration of 1 minute (instead of 30 seconds).


  • In Normal Mode, Stimpak recipe now requires Chemist level 1.
  • Reduced the number of stimpaks that can be looted and found in the vendor inventory.
  • In Survival Mode, Stimpak no longer heals your cripled limbs, except your legs (+5 pts each) so you aren't stuck if you haven't any Hydra or Doctor's Bag in your inventory.

Ultra JetEdit

  • Ultra Jet recipe changed to 1 Antiseptic, 1 Sugar Bombs and 1 Jet.

X-111 CompoundEdit

  • X-111 Compound now cost 80 caps


  • Berry Mentats, Grape Mentats, Orange Mentats, Buffjet, Bufftats, Psychojet, Psychobuff and Psychotats recipes now require Chemist Rank 1.
  • Jet addiction changed to -1 AGI and -1 CHR.
  • Ultra Jet addiction changed to -2 AGI, -2 STR and -1 PER.
  • Mentats addiction changed to - 1 CHR and -1 PER.
  • Psycho addiction changed to -1 END and -1 PER.

Food & DrinkEdit

Dirty WastelanderEdit

  • Dirty Wastelander now has a custom model.


  • All Nuka-Cola now have 5% chance of addiction.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum now have 10% chance of addiction.
  • All bottles of Nuka Cola now have a capsule with the brand written on it.
  • Fixed the Nuka Cola Quantum glow texture.
  • General rebalance of Nuka-Cola, especially the Nuka-Cola mixes from Nuka World.
  • Nuka Cola Quartz, Victory, Orange, Grape, Wild and Black are now occasionally sold by merchant in the Commonwealth.

Refreshing BeverageEdit

  • Refreshing Beverage is now craftable at the cooking station.
  • New effects: +25 Max HP for 4 minutes and +35 HP.
  • New recipe: 1 Mutfruit, 1 Purified Water, 1 Melon and 1 BloodLeaf.
  • It now cost 30 caps, can be looted and found in the vendor inventory.
  • Refreshing Beverage now has a custom model.


  • All Purified Water now restore 20 HP (instead of 40 HP).



  • All alcohol (except beer) cost now 10 caps.


Fat ManEdit

  • Added radiation damage to the Fat Man and the Fat Man MIRV explosion.

Nuka Quantum GrenadeEdit

  • Nuka Quantum Grenade now use the same explosion effect as the Nuka-Nuke.

Nuke Grenade & Nuke MineEdit

  • Nuke Grenade and Nuke Mine now cost 150 Caps.
  • Renamed the Nuka Grenade to Nuke Grenade.


  • Rebalanced the Nuke Grenade, Nuke Mine, Nuka Cocktail and Nuka Quantum Grenade.
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